Untitled, 2017

There is a location for you

He was a whole day falling

A special delivery of lost
The silence drank me in

The dream told me a smile is just a zipper that appears and disappears

Before I knew what love was I tied thumbtacks together so it would be double edged

You bend to bow to break
From stern to bow
They said I'm a ship

Pale was never a pardon you enunciated

Sutures glued to the words you held onto

It never burned that way when I informed my face to the sky

I still wonder if I replaced it and repeated it the stitching might feel different

It was never pleasant ripping out seams
I attributed it to rusting nails and scratches on my elbows
But It was remaking it that felt most like home

For some reason this feels final
Liquefying your anticipation
Stop stealing it away

Raking leaves feels like every last sigh

Please drop the bend in your knees
In the gaps of floorboards where we first saw each other

Untitled, 2017

Sophomore rules ride to
Wipe you forward

Clenched jaw
Inside out pockets
Filled with better days

Dreammares are only sizes
Of a canopy called home

Sunrises in your eyes

The creases in your palms look like dried flowers

Morning mountains saying here I am again

Lines in a row painted white sometimes yellow
let you know where to go

Returned to a stillness
left there like piles of sticks

You stood at a crosswalk with only tones of gray and it reminded me of the way water melts into itself

It can be consumed in a way that feels irregular

Past tense is not common when you place your tongue on hold

And I loved you for a day

Untitled, 2017

I wanted to unlearn love

It was like this body of water that kept taking me

When we talked of seasides all I could think of was repressed air
You left me there

It was my undoing
That left me the most bare
Sequences of you between I
it was fluid

Love was a silent wound I was holding
bleeding into me
To a point where it was not but a dissection
Of my spaces where I laid my bent frame across patterned ground just so you could cross me

I remember swallowing the night so I could choke on a new hue

Loving the love that loved your type of love was a lullaby to a disintegration of an era where I would place my esophagus to the tune of waves crashing

Abandoning inside out palms
Because love wipes you away

Untitled, 2017

Finding a new normal
Buried in basement light

Cutting down a tree just as you cut through hollowed words

Use the entire lane
with armfuls of baby's breath

The worst things are there
stenciled liked a picked lock

Wind puppets a fallen leaf
feel that way

Reinventing my silence so it would not amuse
I really crave an arrangement of faded glass

Untitled, 2017

your smile is one of the most beautiful horizons

I would try to tell you about this idea of time and people and sand and us all becoming that: melting into some sort of dust that maybe will help a willow tree grow

You're so much more than a shadow machine, don't you see the way light outlines you ?

It's magic and so are you is what I would say

I'm learning how to be human I might add, and suggest to you that you recall the first time you felt morning breeze

Remember that I love you

Untitled, 2017

We are so fortunate to walk the way we do when sun passes into mildy consuming spots of you before I
Erasing eradicating bundles of loosened sighs .
Have you not noticed the speckled pattern of it?
The opaque smudgeness of it?

My palms were stretched it front of me
wind dancing in the spaces between fingertips
Like the way grass would
bend to sway
in fields of your schoolyard


They asked what I was reaching for
I responded by speaking nothing

For the sky does not wish to consume
Search for something like that

In some empty long drawn, but forgotten horizon where two lovers are sunscapes a part
They listen to reversed motion and try not to question the duality of sun-setting goodbyes
Skies in your eyes
I will rise

Untitled, 2017

I never saw clouds like that
Just suspended
Like glass air
How you hide it there

You muted it so you could pretend to find a new enunciation
Did you realize that those rhythms are mimicking it

And I found that inside out breaths are what I’ve been looking for
Usually attached to bouqueted

leaving loose changed jargon in between your seams

No Vacancy, 2016

No room for the words I can't say
Only exclusively interested in the binding of my heart
To hide, to show.
To reveal, to conceal.
Games that bleed a part
Since the start
Puncturing me like a dart
Draining my heart.

She Loves You, 2016

Second hand love songs
tied to mispronunciations

Places where we exist
Pass us, persist

Growing idle in the sheet that is my oblivion

Exaggerated sighs, head between my thighs

Am I enough?

Nameless, 2016

Half wittingly admitting that I care
how your mind sculpts new shapes though me

Not aware how to feel...

I regress


To regrets revolving 'round rejected reciprocity

The way you said hello never seemed to
leave my mind

Painting, staining my eyes periwinkle

Your face is a million words

I can see them all

You permeate me

Imprinted upon me

I see the creases where you smiled

Where you laughed

Where you cried

Where you denied

For a moment, I saw how you were sculpted

How the world laid it's hands upon you....
Creating valleys and river in your eyes

Your smile still reverberates through me

A ghostly architectural form

You haunt me